Winning Tactics to Engage Your Subscribers via Email

Many businesses prefer email marketing to communicate with their customers and subscriber.  And it is not very hard to guess the reasons behind it.

According to the Radicati Group study, there are more than 3.7 billion people worldwide who use email. That’s almost 54% of the world’s population! Another set of data from Pew Research show that 92% of adults in the United States use email, and 61% of these email users are checking and sending emails on an average day.

So, email marketing presents an affordable, efficient and effective medium for businesses of all size to reach their target audience. It improves reach and visibility for businesses, allows them to engage an interested audience and to get more leads and conversion consistently. Apart from its potential to reach a large group of people, it offers a unique benefit that makes it stand out in digital marketing tactics. Wondering what it is?

Email marketing allows you to customize your emails and tailor your messages based on subscriber actions. It helps to divide and organize your email contact list into more relevant smaller lists to ensure that every set of subscriber gets the information which is of more interest to them. So, it is an undeniable fact that email marketing serves as the most appropriate and successful medium for marketing to all the businesses.

To optimize your email marketing campaign for maximum engagement, it becomes necessary to engage your users actively. Below are the winning tactics you can implement to attain peak engagements.

Provide a legitimate reason to subscribe

The Internet is full of information about millions of products and services. Why should people show interest in your services or products? Hundreds of spams are already clogging their inboxes. If your email is also one of those spams, then why should they be particularly interested in your program?

Before you think to send an email to your subscribers, you must provide them with a reasonable reason to opt-in and continue your subscription. A clear indication is preferable about what they can expect from your email program. Sometimes including a privacy policy in a sign-in form proves beneficial, as it gives a clear choice to the user while signing-in.

A good reason, valuable information, and clarity about what and when to expect your emails make users well informed about your program in advance. It makes them a controller rather than being controlled by your emails and also proves a great way to respect their choice.

Don’t miss the opportunity of welcome email

What is your first step when someone subscribes to your email program? If your answer is not a welcome email, then you are missing a critical chance to engage with your users.

Welcome email plays a decisive role in email marketing campaigns. Why? Think it out, recently someone subscribed to your email subscription, what it implies? It means you are still fresh in their mind and they are most interested in your services at this junction.

Send your new subscribers a welcome email with a thank you note, brief description of your company and services, and set the stage for what’s to follow. It proves beneficial in two ways, one it makes your audience well-informed in advance and second, you are guiding your users to take action that you desire instead of leaving it to them to find out.

Deliver impactful information by segmenting your email list

If you are aware of best email marketing strategies, then you must have heard about segmenting your email list. If you are wondering, why so much fuss about segmenting? It is genuinely one of the most decisive elements for email marketing success.

In fact, 28% of email marketers who segment their email list get lower sign-out and unsubscribe rate.

With segmenting, you can ensure not to overwhelm your readers with unnecessary information. The more specific you segment, the better lists you have, and more impactful information you can deliver to your subscribers.

You may choose to classify your email leads on any basis that describe your target audience in the best possible way. Adding fields related to segmentation in your subscriber sign-up form provides information that proves beneficial to make your email list more specific.

Make your emails about your subscribers and not your brand

In eagerness to promote your products and services, you fill your emails with self-praise. But the truth is people care about your company as long as they are getting benefit from it. So, sending email marketing campaigns about your greatness is not going to work. Write about your target audience and not about your significance.

Tell your subscribers how your products make their lives simpler, help them to grow their businesses and why they should choose you over your competition. Engage more and more subscribers by designing your emails around them. Make them realize that your promotions are actually about the advantages that your products and services offer them rather than just promoting your brand.

Treat your subscribers as an integral part of your company

How to make sure that you engage your subscribers on a regular basis? The answer is simple by gaining their trust.

For email marketing success, it is essential to secure their faith and confidence in you. Make subscribers feel special by sharing secret information or news with them which is not public yet. Reserve some content exclusively for subscribers to make them stand out from rest. All these measures make your subscribers feel an integral part of your company and campaigns.

Most marketers design their campaign as a one-way guide for their users. It gives the campaign a dull look, and also users feel left out. Asking them for feedback or help make campaigns more interactive and livelier.

When you engage more and more, interested and relevant subscribers, you reap rewards of email marketing for your brand.

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