Are you following best lead generation strategies?

As a marketer, we are entrusted with multiple roles from writing great content, designing unique marketing campaign that adheres to our client’s need to brand enhancement of their company. But what is the most essential part of our job? I guess you will agree with me its leads generation.

Lead generation is the most significant part of our role because no matter how much positive words we are putting out there, if we are not able to drive sales than all the efforts become worthless. Every business promotes its product or services or invest in enhancing its brand image with a solo motivate behind it to drive more sales because this is where they will be generating revenue, this is the thing that help them to make extra profit. And eventually that is our main role too, to help our client to grab that opportunity which they are missing to boost their revenue.

A strong and efficient lead generation process is not just about getting more clicks or impression, it’s about generating more revenue. But we don’t want to do cold calling people from the huge list who are not even qualified. Most vital to execute a good email marketing lead generation is to send mails only to those people who have shown interest in our products or services at the first place. So, in order to be a responsible marketer its essential we remain customer centric. Since it’s not about just producing lead or driving traffic or showcasing our client products or services to large number of people, it is necessary to give them high-quality leads which can actually prove to be their potential customers.

In order to accomplish duties endowed on us, let us slow down a bit and think about few questions which are central to our role:

Am I following best techniques for lead generation?

Do the leads which I am generating have potential to convert into paying customer?

Am I making my client’s products or services to stand out clear in the competitive market for the potential customer?

Am I making potential customer happy?

After figuring out answers to these questions, we must work on the execution part. How to put in place these things for effective and efficient lead generation? Develop a productive and potent PPC campaign or email nurture program, with these best lead generation techniques listed below.

Get your fundamentals correct for email nurture program

Email marketing is most used lead generation method with 80% of business benefiting from it. But then how to make your program stand out from your competitors? It’s simple first get your basics correct and then upgrade your techniques to match the current trend. Here are few areas you can make efforts to optimize your email marketing program.

  • Effective subject line: Your subject line should be intriguing and catchy but at the same time it should not look too spammy. The idea is to create enough interest to get them open your email in their crowed inbox.
  • Clean Design: Now subject line makes your user to open your email, but to make them stay on it you need a clean design. Keep it simple, don’t make it crowded or use sophistic layouts. While using high quality image sparingly can be visually appealing.
  • Engaging content: People have extremely short attention span. So, it is important to give them important message quickly. Use big fonts to allow user to process information in one go and you can provide links for more information to people who want to know more.
  • Valuable offers: An important aspect of lead generation is to collect contact information from potential customers. But people do not give their information for free. So, trade their contact information by providing something valuable to them.
  • Call-to-action: Make your call-to-action button or phrase clear. So, that your user can easily identify and proceed for next step.
  • Link back to your website: Links are not always necessary to be for call-to-action, you can provide additional free information links and you can encourage your users to follow your business on social media.

Measure and track the ROI of your lead generation

Do you want to make cost effective marketing choices and avoid mistakes? Best way to do so is to measure and track your ROI. While number of impression and click through rate help marketer to understand the quantitative aspect of their campaign. Qualitative metrics like cost-per-contact and cost-per-MQL equip marketer with analytics to manage their campaign at deeper level.

Provide Gated content

Use email to generate leads by providing free high-quality content to your user. Make sure information you are offering is essential for your user in order to entice them to provide their contact details.

Prioritize your PPC landing page

One common mistake which businesses do when they start PPC campaign is that they drive all the traffic to their homepage for all sets of keywords. This results in poor conversion rate and often in belief that PPC is not meant for them. But what should be done instead is to segment your traffic and divert users to specific pages, in which they are interested, relevant to each of the keyword and different ads. So, landing pages are crucial as they are responsible for converting traffic either as targeted leads or sale.

Never stop experimenting

Do you want know secret strategy of best marketers? It is that they never stop testing. They know the best way to stay in competition is to experiment different methods. Even if testing means small iteration in the plan what is already working for them, but they keep upgrading their work. Since slight improvement in conversion rate can generate colossal difference in lead volume.

Designing a successful lead generation campaign blueprint is enormous task. But if it is done properly, it can give big boost to your business by bringing potential customers and enhancing brand image.

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