5 Email marketing mistakes you need to avoid to get better ROI

Email marketing is a promising way to promote your products, services and to reach more people. Plenty of information is available about successful email marketing strategies across the web. But marketers still commit silly mistakes, though they have ample resources and advanced email marketing software to their aid. These repeated mistakes result in loss of time, money, customers and potential leads for marketers.

Like any other marketing tactics, it is critical to do email marketing right to get the positive returns. So, if you are obtaining a lackluster performance from your email campaigns, the reason might be you are making some of the most common email marketing mistakes.

Check your campaigns for these silly email marketing mistakes? If you are committing these mistakes, then you need to stop and reevaluate your marketing strategies. We have listed common email marketing mistakes that you must avoid to augment results from your future email campaigns. Hence, it’s time to get wise about your email marketing and plan your strategy as a professional.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Getting off on the wrong foot

What should be the first step, when someone subscribe to your email campaign? Well, if your answer is not a welcome email, then you are missing out a huge opportunity. Wondering why? According to studies most open email is the first email that you send to your subscribers. Because it is sent when readers are most engaged with you. They just subscribed, you are fresh in their minds. They remember you.

So, welcome emails are golden opportunities that you should not be missing at any cost. So, as soon as someone sign up for your campaign, send them a welcoming email with brief introduction about you and your business and what they can expect from you in the future.

There is no perfect way to send a welcome email. It can be lighthearted and funny or serious and professional. But a good welcome email has following three elements:

  • Welcome your reader
  • Introduce the reader to the author or business
  • Set the stage for what’s to follow

So, if you know how to write a good welcome which include these three 3 things, your email campaign is off for a great start.

Using an old list

Emailing an old list can occur due to many reasons like technical glitch while transferring email account to new platform. But mismanagement can be the reason behind using old email list. You should never use an old list for email campaign because it may have users who unsubscribed your service or it may wrong email addresses. It may increase the bounce rate of your email and having a high bounce rate reflects poorly on your business. Also, if you are sending emails to old contacts who are no more interested in your service, then they may mark your communications as a spam, which eventually damage your sender’s reputation. Hence, it becomes essential to comb through your email list regularly and remove any problem email address.

Not optimizing your email for mobile

Studies has shown that mobile internet usage has already surpassed the desktop internet usage and is likely to increase further in future. So, if your emails are not optimized for mobile users, you are losing potential customers and leads. So, using a responsive email template is great way to make sure that readers on the mobile can easily read and interact with your emails.

For this part testing become crucial for email marketing. Send a test email whenever you make any changes to your template, then check the compatibility of your email with as many devices and operating system possible. When you test your email campaign, it ensures that you cover all users on every device type. Thus, optimizing your emails for every device type and expanding your user base.

Making it hard to unsubscribe

Are you still using old techniques to reduce unsubscribes? Earlier marketer used to think that if they make unsubscribe button small or camouflage it with email background they can reduce the number of people opting from their services. But in reality, these measures annoy users. Also, you don’t want to invest your resources in uninterested users.

Every email should include an unsubscribe link that is readily identifiable and easy to find. Then unsubscribe link should take people to the page that is simple, easy and straightforward to allow them to remove themselves from your email list without sophisticated login demand or other hoops. It takes just 2 seconds to mark an email as spam so, if unsubscribing it take more time than many users won’t put extra effort.

Not having clear call-to-action

You must have read from many sources that you should have call-to-action. It is true whether it is blog post, landing page or email campaign. Without a call-to-action, you are leaving it up to your audience to guess what you want them to do and many times it may not be the same what you desired.

So, while designing your email, think about the outcome you want to achieve. What action you want your users to take? What is the motive behind your campaign? Is it aiming to achieve more sales or to inform users about upcoming event? Focus your email format and design toward this outcome. Then, before you send your email, ensure that your call-to-action is clear, enticing and guides the user towards the desired outcome.

With better understanding of these email marketing mistakes, you can comfortably proceed with email campaigns that can give you better conversions and leads.

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